I am lookin to buy a zoom g2 1u or a boss me 20 but i cant work out which one to choose...

i was wondering if any one has any info on them and and which one is best for a beginner on a tight budget..

Look at E bay maybr you could pick up a Boss me-50 for cheap, i'd advise you try both out in your local shop not a big fan of Zoom,
Agreed, you'll be better off with a Boss ME-50 than an ME-20.. You won't find yourself in need of better effects very soon with the ME-50!

Either way, Boss over Zoom any day.
Don't buy the Zoom. I have one, but don't use it anymore. The amp models suck.
The effects are ok, but not superb.
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I'd just go ahead and buy it new and not be one of the many ebay horror stories on here.
Get a Korg!
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