Fucking hell Japan, are you trying to put everyone in the world out of a job? In fact, if you could put Andre Rieu out of a job, I'd be happy.

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


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****ing Hell!!!!!

I swear if robots take over the music industry I will go ballistic and go destroying everyone of those robots, my life depends on music for ****s sake.

I could see robot orchestras in the future but there still will be human orchestras though, and bands and artist will never be replaced by robots because robots have no self direction, the can not think for themselves, they can only do what they are designed for.
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i tune to drop-Z and string my guitar with barbed wire.

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we r all rlaeted bcuz teh bibel sez so we r al innbreads lolo

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Oh good lawd! Us guitarrists are next!

You took the red pill, didn't you?
TBH, I don't think we're gonna be replaced by Hondas and Toyotas anytime, because a robot can't play with emotion. We can, and that's the connection we have to music. You cou;d teach a robot to be the most insane shredder in the world, but once that 'woah' appeal's gone out the way, it'll get boring.
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That's so cool and so creepy at the same time. They could have at least given the thing a mouth.
maybe it's just a midget in a robot suit?
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I stole a pair of my friend's mother's panties. They were clean so it was rather dissapointing when I took a wiff.