Wow, haven't been here in a while.

Anyway, new band, new direction! Thought I'd come up with something a bit more straightforward than the stuff I usually write which ends up stuck somewhere up its own arse. Therefore, two guitars, bass and drums, enjoy!

C4C, as always. I am quite busy at the moment, might take me a couple of days to do it, have patience!
Unfortunately a mindless piece requires a mindless crit:

That was sick.

Not much more can be said than that, maybe if you had a random string section I'd have more to say

If you fancy taking a gander at my newest song, about 20x more intellectual and 20x more pretentious than yours, link's in my sig.
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This Song is Great.
first riff:Good not too chaotic or dissonant
Small solo, good, nothing special but good
2nd Riff: Good as the first
2nd Solo: Good, is a strange scale but ok
Tremolo picking part: are not a little chaotic the drums?
3rd Solo: Good and perfectly fit with the acoustic part, good
Good, good, good work

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1011985
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^I need to point out that I have no knowledge of scales... and yeah, the drums are chaotic. That's kinda the point of blast beats
bar 4-7 = awesome.

The first solo I think detracts overall from the song, perhaps you can fix it up a bit? I think I kind of understand what you are shooting for in the song but that solo just doesn't do much to add to the song IMO.

Bar 15-16 = **** yea, now thats some kick ass death metal right there haha, I was headbanging when that part came on, instinct I guess lol

Suggestion for riff at bar 17, on the 3rd and 4th repeats have a dissonant harmony going on with it (like you do at bar 19).

2nd solo = perfect. Nothing needs to be changed IMO, its nice and weird and fits pretty damn good but at the same time keeps it interesting.

Interlude at bar 30 was a nice touch, nothing to change there.

All in all great work, I can't really give any suggestions as to making the song better, its already pretty cool.


And thanks for critiquing mine, I look forward to more work from ya! Keep it metal \m/
Dude, long frickin' time, indeed!

This is pretty much what I expected: fantastic, groovy metal with a twist. Although I do miss the violin. I only have a few gripes with this. The panning ought to be centered during the lead parts and solos, it sounds a bit empty as it is. However, I do remember that your previous songs had no rhythm guitar under the solo sections so this is definitely better. The drum transition at the bar 7 riff (and at all of its derivatives thereafter) is slightly akward. The tremolo riffing I didn't particularly care for, but the clean break was spot on.

Great job, dude. It's good to see you posting songs again, and please keep doing so.

I dunno how much you'll dig this, but regardless, crit the first song in my sig?

This is a pretty jamming song dude.

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The whole thing's brilliant. The first solo let me down a little. That's all!