basically , i havnt learnt much theory but from what ive picked up through playing im getting along okay. however i was just wondering why, for instance b is not played as a barre on the 6th fret and also how do you make a barre chord minor?
Assuming you mean B-flat, there's no reason why it can't be barred on the 6th fret. You might want to try a different voicing, such as barring the A chord on the 1st fret. To make a barre chord minor just play a minor chord in open position and move it up and down the neck.
ill give u short answers,

For minor barre chords on the E STRING, play a barre chord with the e minor shape, for major play the barre chord with the E major shape

for the A string play barre chords with the A minor shape for minor and a major shape for major

cant be bothered justifing tonight but i advice u learn about scales and intervals
The 6th fret would be an A Sharp or B flat. The 7th Fret on your low E string (440 tuning) would be your B chord. I'm not that good with theory but to make a chord minor i just take off my middle finger. For example an A maj chord is 577655, the minor is 577555. That formula works for all your major barred chords.
Bmajor barre can be played witht he root on the seventh fret of the E string (B):
Or on the 2nd fret of the A string (B):

To make either of these a minor: If the root is on the Estring then you remove your second finger, in the case of Bmajor, you would remove the 8 on the G string and change it to 7. If the root is on the A string then, in the case of Bmajor you would change the 4 on the Bstring to a 3.
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wel i mean for instance i was messin about with sultans of swing , and the chords are dm,c,b,a

but if u play those as barres it just sound ****ty, espec the c to b

No they don't, you just play them ****ty ;-)

No Sultans of swing has a Bb, not a B

just play