I'm fairly new to UG, and I know a few people on here from Kansas, but I would like to see if there are any more. More importantly, if you live in Kansas (or on the KCMO side), and you have a band send me links to your material. I love listening to and seeing local music.

I live just outside KC on the MO side. Like 15 min from blue springs...
Dorothy lives in Kansas.
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Dorothy lives in Kansas.

I was waiting for the Wizard of Oz jokes...used to it
Yes, nothing spells excitement like UGers and the state of Kansas.

It's overflowing with titillation.
The Pit. The Movie.
I'm originally from western NY but im going to school in southeast kansas now
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i smoke some weed and get naked. thats the way to write a good song.
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I'm not from Kansas. That's a start.


But seriously, why post?
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Only two things come out of Kansas, steers and queers.

I don't see no horns on you boy..

Almost as funny as the Oz jokes ...almost
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Joe Walsh is from Kansas as well.

My grandparents/aunts/uncle (before my dad was born, I think) lived in the same neighborhood as Joe Walsh's grandma, and Walsh would practice at her house sometimes. woohoo.

Anyway, yeah I'm from KS.
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