Well, its almost new guitar time. So i come to you for you honest opinion, either the epiphone em 2 fx OR the cheaper (better) and better looking option the douglas (rondomusic) rhoads looking thing....i prefer the looks of the douglas by far, and could do without the floyd. Dont offer me an rg or a jackson, just give me an OPINION!
buy a Godin instead of a Douglas. 10x better in quality. Looks are NOT important compared to sound and playability...unless this is just your second guitar, or the first guitar you're paying for on your own, then go nuts and get the douglas.

<--- Guilty of buying my second guitar based on looks. Luckily however the B.C. Rich Beast ended up being comfortable with a larger fretboard which was better for my long lanky fingers. But beware...also bought an Ironbird on looks, had it for less than a year and it just wasn't what I wanted.

Comfort/playability are the most important things to think about when buying a new guitar.
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in my experience, you get what you pay for.
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I got a Douglas WRL about a month ago and was very pleased with it. It was only a $190.00 and from what I read in the specs I figured what did I have to loose so I ordered it. It showed up at my door really fast but Rondo is not very far from me. I took it out of the box tuned it plugged it in and was very happy with what I felt and heard. It really is a nice guitar. I would say it was better than an Ibanez I used to have that cost just about 3 times what i paid for the Douglas. The Specs on the one you like are pretty close the the specs on the WRL I got and I have the EMG hz pups on mine and they sound pretty dam good if you ask me. It can't hurt to try it out Rondo has a great customer service.

I emailed Kurt at Rondo about Douglas, and he said theyre basically budget beginner guitars, and if you're playing out then look for something better
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I generally don't think money is the answer to a better guitar(I've played Mexican Fender's that can outfeel and out-tone custom shop Gibsons), but there's a certain point where it seems impossible to me that you can have a good guitar with labour and parts costs. That and I hate "buying blind", meaning buying without trying, so I wouldn't buy from Rondo personally. My dislike of buying blind is preference though, if your fine with it, then disregard that.

That being said, get the Douglas and see where it goes. If you like it, awesome deal, and if not, it's the holiday season and as I saw last year, Guitar Hero players are switching to real guitar, just sell it to one of them for $20 less than new or something.

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