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1. ultimate guitar
25 96%
2. Harmony Central.
1 4%
Voters: 26.
Which site do you prefer?,i think UG has a better skin option and layout,but too many trolls sometimes,but i think HC has a much,much more relaxed enviroment.So pit which do you prefer out of the two 2 choices...?
HC is great for reviews, UG owns the market when it comes rape and aidz based gags
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I prefer you gandalf
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I prefer you gandalf

HMmmmm...Gandalf very much likes this statement you have declared.
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HC is great for reviews, UG owns the market when it comes rape and aidz based gags

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we only have trolls because people like you come here to start shit
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
Harmony central is for grandpas and pussies, UG is for awesome dudes who is not dildos
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we only have trolls because people like zzeazz come here to report anyone and everyone in hopes of becoming a mod,seriously wise Gandalf watch out for him!!!

Hmmm...ok young one i will,i will.....
this poll is mega epic fail
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Harmony central is to f-ing serious.
But helpfull for reviews though.
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