In the UK, that is. Ive been qouted £40 which seems exessive. Also anyone know where i can get it set up properly, in bath?
£30-£40 sounds normal to me.
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That's about 60 dollars in the US. If the guy is pretty good than thats a good price. I charge about 50 bucks depending on the extent of the work.....and I'm good
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They no longer do it, as the tech left.
Yeah i thought that was a lot when i went to get my first set up, but thats the right price.
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£40 is about right
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I just got 3 of mine setup and replacement knobs for my Sheraton; £85. Sounds about right to me.
If you can, see if you can stick around while the tech works on the guitar. Ask lots of questions on the verge of pestering, and learn what you can.

Then most every other setup in the future is free if you can learn to do it yourself.
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When I first had my guitar setup it was about $60 for a full setup, innotation, action, truss rod, trem, etc. and the guy even cleaned it for me and lemon oiled my frets which I appreciated.
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My shop does it for $30. They do a really good job, might cost more with a floyd though.

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yeah, £40 is probably ok if the dude is any good. i got charged £25 about 4 or 5 years ago, and stuff like that is generally cheaper in northern ireland (makes a change, we normally get charged more than the rest of the UK).
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