Say you ordered a hand built strat copy with a flamy maple neck, rosewood fretboard, Gotoh tuners, actual strat pick guard with Rio Grande pickups, but without a trem bridge... what would be pretty reasonable for such a thing?
50 bucks. give or take 2 grand.
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what kind of body wood ?
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Can anybody else guesstimate on this?

Reason I'm asking is that there is a strat that I like but it's not a fender, it's a brand new custom built one from a shop that a friend of mine owns. It's got a flamy maple neck, seafoam green paint with metallic flake, it's a thinner hollowbody, no whammy, Gotoh tuners, Rio Grande pickups, white pick guard, rosewood fretboard, abalone fretmarkers... I can get it for $950.

Is this reasonable, a killer deal, or too expensive since it's a strat but not a fender?
Depends. I'd not pay more than 3500€ for such a guitar. Depends on the person/company that builds it though. You could probably get such a guitar for under 2500 if you get it from one of the bigger custom shops like Ran guitars or something.

EDIT: Whether it says Fender on the headstock or not doesn't make a difference.
^ yeah, $950 sounds like a very good price, assuming it's good quality, and assuming they haven't just put it together from imported parts (by parts i mean the neck and body, not the hardware).
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