Okay, I think some background information would help out fist. After the holidays, my band will probably be ready to gig. I want to upgrade my rig so that our band has a better live sound, and so that I'm ready in case of equipment failure. I play the only guitar in a metal/metal core band (Flame Shield). That being said, here is what I currently play through:

Whichever guitar I use into my tube screamer, which goes into my distortion pedal, which goes to my EQ pedal, which goes to my wah pedal, which goes to my noise suppressor. All of which then goes into the main input of my Crate Vintage Club 50 (Essentially this thing is a crystal clear, 3x10, All-Tube, 50w Combo Amp).

Now here's my questions. First and foremost, what would you guys add (pedal-wise) to this rig? Second, would it be wise to use the effects loop input on this amp...and how does it work anyways? Third, the noise suppressor has a send and return on it, so should I be putting anything in there. Fourth, is the order of these pedals good. Fifth, is it worth it to upgrade the cables and such? What I have is a 20' Monster Cable, and a 10' Off-Brand cable, and a bunch of Off-Brand patch cables. And last, does anyone know where the hell I could find a channel foot switch for such an old amp?

Thanks for any answers, and sorry for the wall's of text.
Oh, and no, I will not buy a new amp. And my budget is below $700 for upgrades.
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what kinda guitars do you have ?
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
delay/reverb/chorus would be good

perhaps even the boss PS-5 super shifter to add like harmony to single lines.
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