been having a bit of trouble trying to find a solution to this one so was wondering if any of you guys could help me:

At the moment I have two keyboards, one of which is running through a boss gt8 and then into my combo amp and the other passes straight into another channel on the amp. However I would like the other keyboard to be able to pass through the effects pedals aswell (say for a fast solo). Currently this involves yanking which the wires out of the back of both keyboards and swapping them over and this looks very unproffessional to me

Therefore is there a foot switch with 2 inputs and 2 outputs which will let me at the stomp of the pedal swap which input goes to which output?

I have been investigating products like the Boss LS2 but have been having no look finding something suitable. Another possibility would be to build my own but have no expertise in that area so would rather not.

The diagram linked to shows where the ideal pedal would go (pink+brown) and my current setup (in blue)

thanks in advance
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This fella always advertises on a nearby craigslist, but I assume that, based on the small niche he's addressing, he ships everywhere.

I can't really vouche for it, I just see this advertised all the time, looks like they do custom pedals for prices that aren't insane (still a little pricey for such simple signal routing).

cheers for the fast responses
I cant see anything on zbpedals which would do the job though
+ yeah i was guarenteed the Boss would do the job but it doesnt have two inputs i dont believe

theres lots of products for routing two inputs to one output or one input to two outputs but i cannot find anything that allows just swapping 2 for 2

surely someone must have made this product?
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The ZB guy makes custom pedals too. It looks like a small operation where everything is to order, so you probably wouldn't get charged much more or have too long of a wait if you gave him the specific design you need and let him create it.

Again, I don't actually know how legit the business is, this is just the impression I get. Can't hurt to send them an email at any rate.
go to morely pedals and the george lynch pedal will be what you need and it'll let you do it with 3 piano's if you wire it right
The George Morely one doesnt appear to from the description but the one above does look like it might
thanks for the idea, i'll email them later

edit: turns out the morely ones wont do the job but im in discussion over a custom pedal to see if its possible
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Of course it can be done, theres many many keyboardists who use several keyboards at once.

I reckon you can do it with 2x A/B boxes (maybe even 1) and some cable splitters.
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