Everytime people see them they comment on them so I thought id share:

e - Black Nylon
B - Black Nylon
G - Black Nylon
D - Bronze Steel wound
A - Bronze Steel wound
E - Bronze Steel wound

So basically my guitar strings are half black and half gold.
I personally love the tone. The Nylons keep the high tones mellow and the steel wound give it a really deep low.

Perfect combination IMO.
I remember hearing something about the black coloured nylon strings a long time ago. Do you know what brand they are?
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ernie ball has the black nylons with the silver basses, they're called (go figure) "silver and blacks" or "black and silvers", i thought the tone was a bit brighter than a clear nylon but it could've been in my head / :
I have pics of this classical guitar I got from Mexico on my profile and it had those same strings on it when I got. I liked them okay - nice feel and tone, but they didn't keep tune well. I blame that tuning on the strings because the guitar has been solid on tuning with other strings since and I wouldn't know what else would cause it to fall out so often.
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