Copied from facebook Rick Astley Christmas roll group.

By joining this group we all pledge to purchase 'Never Gonna Give You Up' from iTunes/7Digital between DECEMBER 15-20th...even if we probably own it already via some 80's CD.

If enough of us do this, there's a real fighting chance we could actually pull this off!


1. Invite your entire friends list
2. Badger them to do the same
3. Take a break...all that clicking means you deserve 5 minutes to yourself
4. Are you an admin for another facebook group? CHANGE THE LOGO (temporarily of course!) to one of ours here...or make your own, Hey why not post the link to all members even?
5. Post our group link on other relavent groups. The more the merrier


1. Sign up to iTunes or another digital download service if not done so already
2. search for RICK ASTLEY
3. go to his album WHENEVER YOU NEED SOMEBODY and purchase track 1 'Never Gonna Give You Up'
4. 79p well spent don't you think?
5. Tune into Radio 1 on Sunday 21st December to see if it's worked...

Come on men (and laydez).

Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
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I has no itunes/7digital/way of paying

Download iTunes it's free!
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
Personally i think trying to make Rick Astley win all of this (MTV awards, Christmas number 1 and shiz) was funny at first, but the novelty has worn off fast.

So on that note, no. No i will not waste 79p of my money to do this =]
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yeah it stopped being funny when i read this.
i laughed at the mtv music awards

this kinda blows sorry
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Am I the only one who is sick of that song?


Well said... Its just irritating now....F**king rick roll...
rick rolling is lamer than the idea of a led zeppelin reunion without plant.... give it up and please get a life.... rick rolling IS OVER!!!!!!! f a g

Edit: on behalf of the 20000 other rick roll threads that have been posted i may just pay the report button a visit
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I have this weird feeling that you're Rick Astley, and you just realized there's a lot of money in this.
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one time i let my cat has cheezburger. i thought it was pretty funny.
X-Factor will be number 1.

Rick, im sorry, but youre ****ed.

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