I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the lack of bigger discounts over the weekend. Most of the major retailers (GC, M123, MF, etc.) didn't offer anything greater than 15% off. It's weird because two weeks ago, M123 was having a 20% sale for two days that weren't even holidays but for the holiday weekend they only offered 15%.

Has anyone ever seen a discount more than 20% from any of the major sellers. I'm hoping they offer something better the closer we get to Christmas but I'm not too hopeful they will. They must be doing pretty well financially...otherwise, their markdowns would be greater

I guess I'll buy if all I can get is 15%...but 20%, 25%....that would be nice.
Maybe they were clever and didn't want big sale prices.

You know, what with it leading to people get trampled or mugged...
Some of the stories I've read are ridiculous.
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