Looking to get my girlfriend into guitar, shes always wanted to learn.

Dont want to break the bank as she could just get bord and stuff it in a corner!

The first 2 guitars on this site are a possibility!

Im leaning towards the concert guitar because the shape is easier to learn with. The dreadnought seems too huge!

And they are both only £35! Bargin! About £40 with p+p.

I know the site is good, but was wondering if anyone had experience with these two guitars! I realise they're going to be bad....but just how bad?

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well for starting out they seem alright - don't get the dreadnought its probably not what you're looking for - but if you really want a decent guitar look at the epiphone dr's there's one for 130 and 200 which are damn reasonable
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I've got a cheap £60 fender acoustic which is similar, since its a starter guitar I'm sure she wont be too bothered about the tone, the problem with my cheap acoustic is that the string tension is fairly high so it will be difficult to play at first so if this is the case some lighter gauge strings would help. As you said its not a good idea to splash out then it going to waste, as its a first acoustic I'm sure she wont be too fussed and if she does pick it up often then she can buy her own new acoustic

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i think she'd get pretty tired of ANY steel-string guitar if she's never played before.
perhaps she should start on a nylon string?
yamaha has some great classicals starting out at 100 u.s