I'v never owned one before but have played countless acoustics from friends and family ect.

For christmas im hoping to buy one as i want to broaden my style of play, im tired of playing metal all the time ( shocking i know )

I havn't a clue about acoustic guitars in the slightest but my friend has helped me along the way.

I'v heard martin acoustics are really good but i thought i should ask you guys and recommend some very nice acoustic guitars.

My price range is around £700-£900. I might aswell buy a good acoustic.

Any help is much appreciated.
i'd get one with rosewood back and sides with a sitka spruse(sp?) top, not too much inlay, and an ebony fretboard.
idk if u coud find a luther for that budget so i would suggest taylor and breedlove

ps im an american son of a luther so i'm really not familiar with factory instruments or UK pricing
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awwwwwww man... you mean to tell me you have a DJ-600 and you want to play acoustic.....

Ill trade you my fender acoustic for it hahahaha
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id say a taylor acoustic is your best bet. or tanglewood are okay
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awwwwwww man... you mean to tell me you have a DJ-600 and you want to play acoustic.....

Ill trade you my fender acoustic for it hahahaha

Lmfao i know how u feel!

I still cherish my dan jay but i need an acoustic too!

Who says you cant play both?:P
700-900 pounds I'm ball parking is in the $1,500 dollar range U.S.

Therefore I depending on what they are available for over there.......I would strongly recommend looking into Epiphone masterbuilt acoustics. ANother option is Breedlove which have some of the best guitar's made.

Martin's are of course very good quality guitars, but for my money they are a bit high for what you get. I prefer Gibson Acoustics, but I think they may be out of your price range.

Blueridge makes some good acoustics that would be in or below your price range.

But the best advice I could give you is go down to a guitar shop or two and play everything and pick the one that looks and sounds interesting to you. Can't go wrong that way. Also, the old saying about getting what you pay for is usually true, but sometimes mysterious things happen when buying guitars.

More than a few players over the years have bought a guitar dirt cheap and would up with a heck of a deal and an instrument for a lifetime.
Yeah thanks for the advice, i think going to a guitar shop and choosing what i think suits me is the best option.

I could probably bend the price range and be willing to go a little higher but who knows i could choose a £300 guitar and be happy.
If you want a good acoustic I would shoot for a Lado. They are custom build in London, Ontario.

My buddy owns one of their base models. It plays like a $1000 acoustic. Perfect action, size and it is acoustic/electric (with an acoustic shape unlike ovations).

It would definitely be a good investment.
Some great suggestions like Breedlove and Epiphone's Masterbilt was already mentioned, and I tend to agree.

Here's what to avoid if you're looking at a Martin or Taylor...
Avoid Taylors under the 300 series.
Avoid Martins that aren't made of solid wood. Don't but a laminate(their laminate is called HPL) Martin. Basically anything that is a 15 series or higher.

You probably wont be able to afford a 300 series due to the giant shipping and price markups that UK stores put on their guitars, but you might be able to get a 15 or 16 series Martin. The 15 series is under $1000 CAD and the 16 is starting at $1000 so you might be able to get one even with the markup on the prices.

My other suggestion is to check out Larrivees. Their 03 series guitars start at $1000 USD or so, so you can probably afford one. They tend to have a more balanced and clear sound. Top notch stuff.
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