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by: Ninjamonkey767

I'm waiting for the world
to get tired of squeezing life out of me
and go to sleep
(maybe i can live then)

I will be able to be happy,
get a nice job,
write a nice book,
marry a nice girl
who will be willing to hug me
when my life feels this lonely

that'll be the day i'll say goodbye
to these ****ty walls i call apartment
and say hello to the nice little cloud
waiting for me in the sky

back to reality though:
every night when i get home
i sit down and write my thoughts
down on my lovely old notebook.
she knows what i mean.
she's always there for me.
she's the only one who listens.
(i love you notebook)

i like to write letters to myself
and think of all the freedom i wish i had.
but all i wanna do now is
finish filling this page with worthless scribbles
so i can turn it around
and start
a brand new one

You are who I say you are (my dearest star)
by: cubs

I doodled a girl today.
Her eyes fell on me like falling stars,
crushing me with their weight,
their importance.
How they demand attention to be
wrapped up in a careless fury-
we are
drinkers of the moon
and all its alcohol.

I flaunt my tail and dance around
in hopes that you will find me
sitting on your windowsill like a trophy.
But for now, I must be
a crack in the blinds.
Quote by Ninjamonkey767
To be honest, I thought the one I wrote sucked.

Oh well. Good job.

I don't think this should be as lopsided as it is, as they're pretty close in terms of quality, but I definitely did prefer blue.