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---The Morning in the Night---
By: Fly, Marlowe

Held each other like a storm,
in the dead of morning, we
spoke smoke and drank it back in
sunk hands down the outside of our skin
stripped the knots, dowsed the candles, and
gave ourselves a new insanity. We may
have been too rough for our bodies to handle,
but at least the light will always
remember the cries of our names.
Nothing is over...

We made the eggs ourselves and
ate with fingers.
You swallowed thoughts
and an egg shell, that broke
in your teeth like a destiny.
I told a joke like a secret to God,
syllables quiet and unforgiving:
We’re like the rain.
Sometimes here, sometimes there,
but always wet and moving.

You lost it then,
spent the rest of the day in my bed
whispering whispering rocking whispering:
until it’s over.

---oh, oh helen/praying with fire---
by: #1_synth

folded wings at your side
on that windowsill
(jump! jump!)
you had lengthy talk with a
conscience. held thoughts like wine
burnt and blacked your tongue.
it was 1915 and snowing.

i’m thinking of your baby girl today
over wet tears and dry cake
“no named” says her padded cell
her glass bottled sinking ship
taking the captain down with it.
her brain, oh god, her brain.
A slip of her tongue (her cerebellum)
slaps my sister and our shared blood
with hippie hair, a popstar name,
our liberal love.
“you’re a head of your time!”
laughed to busy our throats
(because it hurt too much to cry)
to die, to die.
I write this to a buried, lonely bastard.
with every choked hail-mary!,
you’re hoping for a friend
(an end, an end.)
for cold arms to keep your cold heart company.

i write this to a ghost, truth tell.
and here I am, mr. postman,
(again, again)
waiting for a response
from your empty arms.
Sorry to ask, but what's the rules for this?
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how do you trip on acid? was your shoelace untied?

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Mikko, you remind me of a clogged up toilet. You're the poo that won't go away.
I call shenanigans.
I owe a ton of people critiques.

If you're one of them, please PM me.

I have trouble keeping track.
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I take offense to that. I don't think a mod/person running the contest should be able to tie-break after the poll is closed. you could have voted earlier when you said "vote" but didnt and you very well knew the time limitations of the transaction. No one else would be able to vote after the closing of a poll and I don't see why it should be any different in this case. I don't see why we can't have a one day runoff or even both advancing into the next round?

Yes, I am just arguing because this means I'm eliminated.
No, that does not mean I don't believe in what I'm arguing.

well, that's all I wanted to say, whatever desiscion you make is up to you Zacky and I'll respect it regardless of my agreement or dissagreement.