Ok guys, like the title says, this will be my first time recording, and i need a little bit of help. I plan on recording just myself, so i can learn from what i play, my mistakes, what i did good and bad, etc, etc. And, ill also here soon be recording me and my friends. (Were not exactly a band yet, but we're working on it.) So, i was looking for some help to tackle these problems.


Ok, so for recording myself, what should i be looking for, such as Gear Wise and Software Wise. All ive been using is my Camcorder, but it doesnt pick up low sounds for crap. And as for Software, it I have Audacity, but i can afford other better programs if needed.

So what is some good gear, such as mics to record with, cables, interfaces, etc, and what are some good programs used to record and mix my recordings?


So most of the stuff that goes into the first subject goes in here as well, but with a few differences. We dont exactly want to go to a place and pay them to record us (Even though that would be best) because we're most comfortable in our own... environments if you will, and we hate being put on the spot. That, and we cant afford it mostly, haha.

So, the same questions. Whats good gear wise, Mics, Interfaces, etc. I was looking at this:


I had heard about it through the guy at my guitar shop and he said it was a pretty good interface to record with. The thing is, how would we use if we got it? I know its USB interface, but what cables do we need to plug our guitars into it, and how do we get those recordings onto our computers for editing?

Which also leads back to the software question. Whats some good programs?

Anyway, im going to end my rant here, you guys should have the gist of my question by now. Sorry for the long as hell post, lol

Thanks guys, i really appreciate it

It'll be significantly cheaper to go to a studio to record a demo/album than to buy all the gear yourself. and thats not counting the years of practice and experience it takes to make a decent recording.
The Budget shouldnt really matter, seeing as how 4/6 of us have jobs making like $8.50 an hour and nothing to spend it on. But go ahead and give me "The Best" and then "The Best for Your Cash" And Ill see what we can do from there.

And as for learning how to record, its better than NOT knowing how to record Always good to learn something new
Ive done that. And my local music store said i was basically SOL, because theyre too lazy to help and theyre money grubbers.... so yeah.

And Guitar Center is too far away to jsut casually drive there. But if i can make it in sometime soon ill do that, but until then, anyone have anymore suggestions?
I don't know if you have taken a look at it but...
This will give you a basic idea of what you are looking for. I would personally advise you to look at the section on setups.

Things to keep in mind:
budget (300 bucks to thousands of dollars)
Computer vs No Computer (and the abilities of said computer)

Also, don't forget you are not just buying an interface, you need mics, cables, sound proofing, moniters, blah blah blah. Plan for these in your budget and do some research to get the best out there.

Software is also a very big and important choice that will come up if you go the computer route. Different titles specialize in different areas and they have different abilities and functions.

One last thing, don't trust anyone who works in a music store exclusivly. Chances are they are on commision. Not to say that they won't be helpful, just make sure you check their claims out and do your own research.

Hope that this helps,
Thanks man, that helped alot more than i thought it would.

Now i only need recommendations on what equipment is good and such