the worst bad trip i had was when i couldn't tell what was reality. whenever i used to do mushrooms i started thinking i was the second coming of christ and often jesus/the antichrist. for awhile i believed it. in one of my trips i was in my friend peters house with my friend grant. We watched this video that had subliminal messages encoded into it(kotton mouth kings) after we watched the video our highs kicked in and it was so weird. i started getting really paranoid thinking that the devil was about to walk down the stairs at any moment getting ready to drag me to hell. Then i turned to my friend and his face started turning into the devils face(my imagination) and he started talking but what he was saying was not words, but he was talking backwards(when u take a song and play it backwards) yeah it was ****ed up then somehow my friend told me 6 hours later that it was time to go and for 6 hours i have no memory. then for a split second it felt like time stopped and reversed for liike 20 seconds then went into forward motion. Then when i was walking with my friend my subconsious started talking to me somehow it kept telling me that mushrooms was my favorite drug and that i should do it again(havn't since then). I have more to the story as it gets better. When i got home i turned into god and i figured now that i realized i was god people were going to come and try and burn me and crucify me lol. then i turned into the antichrist and started walking around telling people it was judgement day lol. man i dont even really believe in god either so the fact that my trip was this ****ed up amazed me. I even walked up to a guy and asked to have his car cause i thought i was god lol
Holy **** man... Thats some crazy stuff... Ive never touched mushrooms and that story makes me not want to do it all.
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errr drug thread.
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This is stories about one drug, since there's no sub-thread, I dont think this goes there
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