I would like to know all the solutions to stopping or at least helping dampen down the snare springs rattling whilst playing tom roles.

I've read a lot of things so far on the subject however nothing was very clear with description.

I've heard all sorts of stuff to do with lugs, this sounds like nonsense but I'm willing to try something like this. I've also heard of alternating the tuning of the snare but this all seems drastic and would no doubt affect our drummers sound.

I've also heard about taping felt or just tape to the snare springs (obviously not to the point where the sound would be different)

Throw out any ideas of tried and tested techniques here please since I have no access to a noise gate and I'm in no position to afford implementing one into my set up.

I'm yeidling good results here from my recordings but I am picking up snare rattle during toms, it is noticeable during tom roles with other instruments in the mix also.
Tightening up the snares will at least diminish the amount of rattle. Give the knob by the throw-off a few clockwise turns, see if that improves things.
I found leaving them loose and putting a small towel between them and the bottom of the drum works very well...

Good Luck
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do EXACTLY what rock savior said.


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@Rock Savior :

When you say towel, you mean like a small hand towel for drying your handS?

I read somewhere like sticking a little felt pad between the springs would help.

@BrianApocalypse : Does the masking tape inhibit the snares sound?

I actually lay underneath our drummer during a tom orientated intro and held the snare until he had to hit it!! One time I forgot to lift my hand of the springs and he hit the snare and it seemed to sound ok. I wasn't holding it very hard just enough to stop the rattle whilst toms were being pounded!!!!