Note: TURN OFF RSE!! I write all my songs with just the drum RSE sound pack installed, so please turn off your RSE before listening to this song on gp5.2 to hear what I hear when I write this kinda stuff.

This is one of those few songs that I would describe as "easy". Not in terms of playability but just the way the pieces fit together. After coming up w/ the main riff everything just fell right into place, took about a day to write this.

Once I started writing this I couldn't stop, it became so addicting! So I persevered and finished the song in one day. Please don't think too highly of the drums, I put them in there as fast as I could, I spent most of my time fine tuning the tempo/guitars.

Please let me know what you think, c4c just provide the link. This is one of the only songs I've written that sound like this and I can't even tell if this is rock or metal or w/e, either way I like it a lot. Def. has to have singing vocals in it, none of those death growls lol (although it might sound cool, but I won't have an idea till I actually add vox to the song).

This is def. a longer song than I usually write, weighing in at 7 min long. But I just don't know if I want to cut the song down in size, it'd be nice to have a 4 min song instead of 7 but theres so much I'd have to get rid of! Listen to the song and please tell me what I could to make this better/shorter without taking all the fun out of it (you'll know when you hear it).

edit: ya the tuning is ugly, I'm thinking of re-writing in drop B. It's just when the melody came to my head it was in that tuning (the way I write songs is I'll think of melodies in my head, hum them out and record using guitar pro, dumb method but it works for me). I retuned my Warlock for this song to drop A#, would not stay in tune at all lol, long enough for me to come up w/ the solos though.

And just for clarification: Sweeps at bar 85 I can play at 140bpm, I'll have to work my way up to the speed in the song (160bpm) but it is NOT impossible, Jeff Loomis' godless endeavor sweeps are way faster than this. Bar 138 = if you know how to play arch enemy solos this one should not be hard at all. Bar 147 is a tricky bastard I came up w/ while listening to All Shall Perish, currently able to play it at 140bpm-ish, will eventually be able to play it @ full speed (give it another 3 weeks). Everything else in the song I can pull off, it just looks hard b/c guitar pro has a nasty habit of making things look harder then they really are, my only hint to the people that will look at the solos and shake there heads is this: legato.
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seems whenever I post a song I don't get more than 3 replies =( which usually doesn't leave me with much to improve the song.

is my stuff that bad? (I know I'm not a good guitarist...yet)
It's an awesome song, right up to the pre solo part, which in all honesty didn't really fit IMO. The solo itself though, that was fantastic. The breakdown was a nice touch too. It sounded like metal to me, though only just. The interlude was really cool, except the bend at the end. I liked the next breakdown too,and especially the breakdown-verse. The outro was probably the best part of the song. exellent guitar work. in answer to your question, if you give crits to other people's pieces and then leave a link to yours, you'll get a lot more. speaking of which, C4C one of mine in my sig?
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Yea I'll critique yours as soon as I finish typing this post.

I always leave a link after critiquing other people's (unless they've critiqued mine before I critique theres).

Thanks for the compliments, I'll see what I can do to make the transition fit better instead of the pre solo there, I've got an idea or two hopefully it'll work.

The outro is a lot of fun to play (read my original post) at around 140bpm instead of 160, I wish I had another guitarist handy so I can actually try dueling lol, I need to get into a band asap I miss jamming with people.
intro riff was pretty groovy. kinda muse-y. i liked it when the octace guitaring came in on the riff. didnt really like what you did with verse. in the prechorus i would have a constant drum beat rather than that tom stuff. pre solo was average, but i lied the solo. especially the drumming. however the guitar bit at 77 was a bit douchey just cuase you can play that fast, maybe, you dont have to do it becuase it doesnt sound that great. sweeping at 85 did sound cool though. breakdown really doesnt suit the song. clean guitar with double kick doesnt sound that great. breakdown riff was cool. kinda muse-y again. howveer the rhythm guitar absolutyl ruined it.
Well on answering your question, i think this is definately metal, maybe not the full on sort, but more like the calm ballady song on the album XD.
Anyway on to the song, it was awesome, it was a great mixture of distorted riffs, clean melodies and don't forget the sweep picking You said you can play them a bit slower, but you can play them nonetheless, thats damn impressive man.

You should be happy with this song, maybe one thing to alter slightly is the pre solo, but that aside, 9.2/10 (if that pre solo was put right, maybe higher)

Could you please crit one of my songs, just to bring me back on UG, not been on for a few months XD