mkay so ive got an interview with mcdonalds (i know, i know i need the money )

anyway my mum is generally against me working more than the bare minimum as she is worried about the damage to my school life, im a relativly bright and intelligent A level student, just i struggle a bit with essays and coursework etc

i want to work two 4 hour shifts on a saturday and a sunday, and one shift just one of two evenings a week (wednesdays are half days for me as i have no lessons in the afternoon) so that would preferably be wednesday and friday evenings

anyway, thats a total of 20ish hours a week, which would give me around £180 a fortnight, mcdonalds have shi t pay but im so desperate for the money

is that too many hours a week pit? i would be completly occupiing my weekends, but i generally dont do much anyway, i tend to work through my lunch and free periods at school, getting most of my homework done there and then, so work shouldnt be much of an issue

anyone got any advice experience etc? or anything i can say to my mum to help her be convinced that its alright? or any suggestions to what would be best if thats too many hours

it dosent matter how much you work.
once you work at mcdonalds youll be dead inside anyway
I Won't Let This Build Up Inside Of Me

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muhat gandy
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Well thats me set ^^
how old are you? when i was in high school i worked around 15-20 hours. i'm in college now and work 21+ hours weekly. some people can get by with more, some with much less. you just have to see what you're capable with really. good luck! it may be tough, but thats what life's about.
Bit of a tip on working, make sure you spit in the burgers and shove the fries up your arse, (making sure theres no **** up there) and cum in the childrens milk, if they say it doesn't taste nice make some bull**** up about it being straight from the cow, oh, and also don't forget to piss in thecooking oil and **** underneath that grill thing

20 hours of ****ing up peoples food, how could you say no?
I work 5 nights a week, and it's not too much.
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I work 12 hours a week during the school year.

4 hours on M, W, F.

I do Twenty in the summer. I actually did 20 a week in High school but I intentionally schedule classes during work hours on Tuesday and Thursday so I don't have to go now that I'm in college.

20 is not bad.
Quote by muhat gandy
it dosent matter how much you work.
once you work at mcdonalds youll be dead inside anyway

i know but im so broke and i have so much G.A.S its killing me..

and yea if i will say that, if school grades start slipping i will cut down or quit completly

im 16 btw
I work 24-30 hours a week, still do well and take AP classes.

And yes, I work at McDonald's. Crew Chief yo!
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