Alright guys, I'm having trouble choosing out a video card.

XFX Geforce 9800gtx+ ($157 shipped)



Powercoler hd 4850 ($140 shipped)


Diamond hd 4850 ($142 shipped)


Alright guys. I have about $150 exact to spend on a video card. Which is a better card? The way I'm seeing it is that 4850 edges out the gtx+ at higher resolutions, though I won't be palying at a super high resolution. I could be wrong though.

Also the heat issues on the 4850 do worry me a bit, while that's not so much a concern on the gtx+.

So which one do I go for? Which one is better to perform in games like cod5, oblivion, crysis, far cry 2, etc? Also if I do go with the 4850, which company is better? Thanks!
you have about 150 exactly? makes no sense. Go with the 4850.
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XFX 9800 is much better compared to those, according to the specs on the webpage.
Which are most likely wrong, anyway, gaming thread or computer thread.