Well I wanna write some songs in B... Things is im skint at the moment so I cant afford a 7 string. I was thinking why not tune everything down 3 steps
What gauge strings would you recommend to handle this tuning?
Cheers folks
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at LEAST 11 gauge

you will need to make adjustements to your action and intonnation too, but depending on your guitar it should be ok. Iv tuned one of my LP's down to B for a while and it did alright, and I use EB Power Slinky 11's

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I prefer using 12-56 for B and lower, I like a bit of tension
You'll have to do a bit of neck adjustment most likely
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i went from 12-56 to 11-54 (A# F A# D# G C)

and i still retained my low end and actually built speed with my lead work by going down 1 gauge.
maybe buy 7 string set if not id go 12's
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I used a 13 set when I did that and it sounded ok, still I prefer 7 strings. Make sure to fix the neck and intonation if you do this

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I use DR Hi Beam 12's for anything drop c or lower...the g string is wound which holds tune astronomically better.