I've had my guitar for about 4 years, but never really played it much, just when I was at school (G,C,D) chords etc... I've started back up again and enjoying it, but I would like a new guitar for a more 'meaty sound'. I have a Jim Deacon Strat just now, but would like something which has a heavier sound, something good for playing Guns 'N Roses stuff.

Obviously Les Paul is the guitar for that, but the standards are a little out of my budget just now - what with being a student, car failing MOT etc... I was thinking about an Ibanez GRG170DX . I found it at a local guitar store (check the link) for a decent price.

edusty2010 is completely right. SAVE UP. sure you can get the cheap ibanez and get a semi nice tone or you can save up and get exactly what you want a Epi Les Paul. Which in my opinion is much better because les pauls are versatile. I would know because i own one.
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I have a GRX170 (I think). Pretty much an Ibanez starter pack guitar. It might be that I just don't know how to set up and maintain it very well but my tremolo has just been a real pain. Aside from that its quiet nice. The neck is very thin as well, it might not be to comfortable if you have big hands like me.

I've heard good things about, but never played, Schecter. This is a little bit pricier than what you listed there but it might be worth it. I'd consider the lack of a tremolo at that price a positive, but if you plan on using it maybe it wouldn't for you.

I've also heard that Yamaha Pacifica's make good starting guitars.

That said, I'm far from the most experience member on here so take anything I say with a grain of salt.
I have the GRG170DX and I love it. It's really nice to play, well made, stock pickups are decent and with a pickup change it could be a seriously nice guitar. There's nothing wrong with it at all IMO. I'd say try it out. I know I'm biased but I really do think it's a great guitar.
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