Real loud, i've used mine at small concerts with like err 20-40 people and it cuts through nice.
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its 15W SS but with the 2 10's its actually quite loud

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I was looking at it and it looks nice, but how loud does it get?

Are you talking about the MG micro stack?

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Real loud, i've used mine at small concerts with like err 20-40 people and it cuts through nice.

I think this is the wrong place for this.

No it isn't, amps fall under "Guitar Gear"
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It'll get annoyingly loud for any medium-sized room in your house, but that doesn't mean it will sound good.
I think you'll find there are better options for the money.
it's pretty crappy.

it looks cool, really, it's kinda of a neat idea. but you will have a hard time getting a good tone out of it.

MGs aren't bad practice amps but if you're using it as a practice amp, why bother spending more for the micro stack. just get a 15w/30w for cheaper and be set if you really want it
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i have better idea get an Krank Rev Jr stack.
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They are great eye candy, but not ear candy. There are a lot of better amps for the money, whaddaya play? Budget? Just home use?
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It sounds like a hive of bees. Not a big fan of them. You can dial in a clean tone with an MG and use a good OD or Distortion pedal and get a halfway decent sound, but... it's still meh.

The other thing is: those things aren't that loud. They're louder than a 15watt with a 10" speaker, but they're still not LOUD.
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First of all it's kinda ****. Gregs, whatever happened to the quote in your sig? BTW, for the price you can get a Peavey Vypyr 75 which is a MUCH better amp.
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the cleans arent too bad....
the overdrive is ****e.pure **** IMO
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Gregs, whatever happened to the quote in your sig?.

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And I agree the Vypyr is a much better amp for the cash.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
I could easily get it over a drummer, when i had my microstack, sold it for something better once i realised that it looked good but sounded pretty ****.