These are three songs I've been working on lately; everything was done on Guitar Pro so I can't really help it if some instruments sound artificial.

None of the songs have vocals added to them yet (the buzzing instrument on Track 4 is playing the melody of the vocals).

Also, the songs are not finished yet, but I just wanted some constructive feedback on how they are so far.
I like track 4. It has a nice melody, and the piano is mellow/sad.
But the recordings themselves come across like bit-pop, something from a Snes game. Nothing wrong with that though; some tune to an rpg intro/ending sequence.
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Track 4 was very nice. It has potential. Although it's not my place to tell you what you should do with your songs, adding a guitar to outline some of the chords could sound awesome.
Heh. Tracks 2 and 4 remind me of Final Fantasy 7. Anyway, I enjoyed it, I don't play piano so I can't really help you in any musical critique so to speak, but I'll tell you I liked it. When music brings nostalgia to someone it's always a good thing, well unless it brings back bad memories. But good job.

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Untitled for now :

I think that this one is the best of the four in terms of songwriting.
I really like the intro to this and the verse, just need to liven up the drums
they're obliviously MIDI, I use midi drums as well but i use a program called ezdrummer which is a vst plug-in works great
A really great song though.


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Track 4 was incredible. The melody wasn't too predictable, as it had me wanting to know where it would go next. The piano playing was very good. When that synth kicked in, I really felt a great mellow vibe.

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Nice work in track 4. Well written and sounds very meaningful.
Track 3 - Good use of midi sounds. Very focused and even sounds original, varied dynamics too. Becomes even better from about 1:30 when the piano rhyme get's jumpy and lively. Good
Track 2 - Sounds like an intro for an S club 7 song haha. Very good. Get's more original as it goes along. Drums...good but don't sound amazing due to midi but that's not your fault. Very good all together. Could do with a bass guitar to complement the drums.
Untitled - Sounds like a good pop melody at the start. Sounds like you really know how to write music. Nice rhyme with the piano, make's it very listenable and interesting at the same time. Drums fit in well. Again needs a bass guitar or something. Ooooh high hats open on the offbeat. Nice touch that. I like this very much, About 1:50ish, I like the piano tune, that could be a good catch. Love the simple chord sequences, 6,4,1,5 in the 'verse'? Never fails. AND the chorus. Fantastic. You really have a talent my friend.

Tell you what, could you listen to my new songs? They are similar simple deep 'poppy' style but using miced instruments in the recordings. Very good that, well done.