Amp help...

I got this amp,it's just a practice amp (Fender Sidekick 10 watt) and It sounds ok,but I want to get a distorted bluesy sound thats also good for hard rock and thrash metal.Any suggestions,I'll try anything,but remember,I'm on a budget.
And is the Epiphone Les Paul Special II a good guitar?I've heard it's great.
Any help is appreciated,Thanks.

ehh, you might just want to get a new amp in general...so what's your budget for that

as for the guitar, the Les Paul Special II is kind of a pos, then again it's like $150...but i still wouldn't go near it. My cousin has it, and i just can't stand it.
so what's your budget for a guitar and such

also, what equipment do you own atm?
What is your exact budget? And could you name a couple of bands?
Mitch Hedberg Group

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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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you'll probably need a pedal to get much distortion out of that amp. there are definitely better guitars around the same price as the Epi LP you're talking about. any exact budget?