instrumentals pretty trippy but hopefully I'll find an audience somewhere.


They are all instrumental tracks, the first recording is a bit crappy quality wise, and I made a few mistakes, the other 3 I recorded in a studio


The first is what i'm listening to right now and I must say it is some pretty jumping stuff. Sounds like it should be a movie soundtrack when two kids are running through a field or some **** like that.

Oh, and now comes the second track.

This first line has a funny rhythm to it... Usually i'm cool with that but it's a bit distracting to me.

And damn, you can really pump out the notes. I'm going to keep any eye on you, this is some good stuff.
thanks and the second track the intro is reversed for a few seconds but it goes normal, and about the rhythm I'm not too sure what timing its in or anything like that. I just usually write whatever sounds nice.

thanks for replying!