The guitar lines are really cool, I'm just afraid that it's not much of a thrash metal song without all the other instruments!

Maybe wait till you have developed the track a little more before showing it off?

-Rock on
You guys sound pretty good. Similiar to my band, if you want to check that out in my profile

Rock on dude!!!
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I need some music that makes you envision a dark room illuminated by only candles and perhaps a creepy middle aged man in a bathrobe.

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Rape: Is it in you?
Get your name from the new Toxic Holocaust album?
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He was too stunned by my fresh truths.

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"And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you darn kids and your meddling and your breakadowns!"

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Metal is a sub-genre of metalcore since metalcore is more popular therefore better.
Needs more instruments. Nice riffs. O and the new toxic holocaust album is called An Overdose of Death...
I leik music