This christmas im looking to pick up music notation software and i wanted to know if anyone has an idea of which would be the best one. I heard that Sibelius is really good, but I want a second opinion
I'm not sure about the one mentioned but you might try Power Tab it's free an what a treat!
I would say guitar pro, another option is powertab
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Finale but it's mad expensive.
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Guitar Pro!

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Guitar notation specifically, or a full comprehensive music notater?

If the latter, Finale is very comprehensive, but a bit difficult to use. The program "Encore" is apparently much easier, but slightly more limited

it plays gp files

and its free
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I'd say Finale. The newest versions come with Garritan sound software too, so you won't need to hire an orchestra anymore to get your pieces taken seriously on the radio.
For the record, I am looking for complete software, so I'm not gonna get guitar pro. I think I'm gonna go with Sibelius.
I've used Encore and it seemed decent. I've heard good things about Sibelius though.
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The two big ones are Sibelius and Finale... They have the most features, hands down...

Finale is incredibly hard to use initially, Sibelius is a little more user friendly.

Took the words right out of my mouth. In all my music theory and composition classes, I have used both Sibelius and Finale, and I really like them both. Sibelius is a little easier to pick up than Finale, but both are wonderful programs.
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guitar pro is good but power tab is free and pretty good. go with powertab
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i use Finale for all my sheet music its great. its a bit on the expensive side but the new verion of it is great. you can do a lot on it. get it you willn't be dissapointed.
For what it's worth, I've always preferred Sibelius to Finale, but neither one is particularly wallet-friendly. I went with a more affordable option, Notation Composer. It doesn't have some of the advanced features of Sibelius, but it's never really limited me to speak of.
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