Sanctum is one of the only metal bands in Fairfield County (if there are any besides us, we've vener heard of them).
We play a style of death metal inspired by bands from Suffocation to Behemoth, from Opeth to Atheist, and from your classic Iron Maiden all the way up to Nile.

We just finished recording a 3 song EP thats available on our Myspace for download, so give it a listen and tell us what you think!

Thanks guys, anything you feel like saying is welcome!

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haha thanks!
Were Ridgefield, so were right next door.

And for those curious, we're influenced by almost every genre of metal you can imagine, but our biggest influence is probably Opeth.

The song thats up will probably be one of the shortest we play, the other songs we are working on are already longer than it.