I was just watching TV, and there was this commercial that did the most amazing metal cover of Carol of the Bells I have ever heard. It was crazy.

Only I can't remember what commercial it was! Help me!
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was it the TSO version?

the only one i remember was a Walmart commercial, but it wasn't a metal version.
It's probably the Trans Siberian Orchestra version.

EDIT: Well **** me. Slow on the draw.

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This is what Im getting

Erase the ? at the end.
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This is what Im getting

You have to delete the question mark off at the end.

Dragonforce? I don't even know what that is. Isn't it that Japanese card game "Dragon Force Z"?
Damn, the ABR version is pretty intense... I still lean toward Trans-Siberian's Christmas Eve/Sarajevo.

Edit: Definitely agree with myself after hearing a breakdown. Really?? That can't have been THAT necessary.


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