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If one of your band members had a side project?

I would. I feel that they aren't focusing on the band 100%.

Well I've never been in a band, but. Say he was never around for the band but apparently his project was doing great, then that would be annoying.
With an established band I'd say it's more acceptable. You've already shown dedication to the band and at that point it's just expanding your musical horizons. If you're friends in a garage trying to get somewhere, I'd be a bit vexed.
i hate it because if the person rights an epic song or some amazing music, which band will they give that piece to?

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I think it makes that person a lot more enjoyable, because they can't complain about not getting things their way.
Depends on the situation I guess. Maybe if like we had a huge show coming up or something I might be annoyed. But as long as it didnt stop him doing well for the band, why would I have a problem?
let him do his project, then pimp slap him and say that all his ideas for the project are now property of the band therefore, a better band.
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I think it would come handy if there was a conflict in genre.
Say you've got a metal band with this kid, and he can write some awesome metal pieces, but leans more towards acoustic folk music in his own personal writings.

Instead of him getting pissy and trying to change the sound of the band, he's got his own little project to pursue that with.

Mainly because if I were ever to be in a band, my own projects would still be my first priority. Unless I had full control over the band. That's just me.
Perhaps they feel that the music they're making isn't the right kind for the band that they're involved with, or they know that the music he/she brings won't be right for the band.

For example, if the band you're in is playing Thrash Metal and you write a country song, you can't exactly say "hey guis letz play a cuntry song olololol." Or you can be a big douche and force it on your band and change it and ruin it for your fans.

Don't knock solo/ side projects, yo.