So, for writing class, as our last assignment of the semester, we had to write a poem about anything we wanted, in any form we wanted. Best assignment I could hope for. (It's due Friday by the way, I have time to make changes.)
So anyways, here's what I've got. I've had this idea in my head for a while now, today I finally just sat down and wrote it. I'm pretty happy with it. Of course, it could just be that I just wrote it, and tomorrow I'll hate it, but we'll see. A little nervous about posting it here, but may as well just do it, right?
All comments appreciated!


Walking through the desert
For miles and miles,
Just me…


Alone with my thoughts,
Nothing to do but walk,
And think…


I’m so thirsty,
But there’s no water,


Nothing at all.
I can see for miles,
But there is only more sand.


But it can’t be endless,
There must be something.
But I’m


So tired.
But I can’t stop,
I must keep


Hoping that,
At the end of this desert,
There is something better,

Something worth all of the