Im looking to upgrade my pickups.

I was considering EMGs, but after hearing that their cleans are "sterile and soulless" i decided not to.

I am looking for pickups with enough gain to play stuff lke System of a Down and stuff of that sort (even heavier stuff), BUT i also want it to have good cleans. Any thoughts?

Edit: I hear the SD Blackouts are pretty good.
if you got $350 american you can buy bare knuckles, they pwn.
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Dimarzio D-sonic in the bridge dude
Air Norton in the neck

thats what i use and i'm very happy with the sound i get from them.
^ +1, DiMarzios are the awesome.

I am using a PAF Joe and Steve's Special right now. I might switch one of them out.

Or get Bareknuckles if I get a job.
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Your amp is important.

If you have a good amp, I'd probably second either the Dimarzios or 18v modded EMGs. Or bareknuckles, but I haven't tried them so I don't see what all the hype is about...


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emg with the 18v mod is not supposed to be sterile. blackouts are good but i think theyre too middy. palm mutes just dont sound right for me if i have too much mids. my amp is middy enough. you should think of your amp too. amp is most of your tone.
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ok you have a decent amp...
Lots of times kids with MGs come in asking for pickups... just a sad waste of cash.
I say, High output passsives. Dimarzio Tone-Zones, or D-sonics
Really depends on your budget.
Dimarzio D-Activator in the bridge and a Dimarzio PAF in the neck. I have those in my Ibanez RGA 121 and love them.
dimarzio drop sonic
dimarzio humbucker from hell

you'll get everything from crystal clean to busting balls heavy
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Put a dirty pup in the bridge and a clean in the neck, no pups are great at both.
You really don't need high output pickups with today's high gain amps and various pedals that can boost your guitar's signal.
I have a Dimarzio FRED in the neck of my stagemaster and I'm always either in the middle or totally on the neck. I only go bridge for breakdowns or something. The cleans are heavenly.

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Pickups for sale!
I decided to get the SD blackouts and mod it with the 18 volt mod to boost the signal. My aunt wants to get me an early xmas present since she is in town.

thanks to all

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Paf pros are very versatile in the bridge, roll off the volume and you've got nice cleans
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No but you can modify them?
Ibanez PGM301 signed by Paul Gilbert
Ibanez PGM 500
Ibanez Fireman custom
Saving for a GH100L/VH100R
Orange PPC212 2X12