My drummer and I are seeking a ready, willing and able, not to mention dedicated bassist and lead vocalist, and/or a combination of the two. We're two 17 year olds with the ultimate goal being living the dream; making records, touring, all that stuff.

We've been going at it musically for some time now; we love music in general and we want to spread a positive and fun message with music, while maintaining a serious demeanor and having a serious impact on people, of course, in a positive way. We recently had our bassist leave due to personal problems and our singer left because she wanted to pursue theater more intensively.

Must be between the ages of 14 and 19, must be attractive, friendly, personable, and of course above all, talented. This is a complete and full obligation; we're looking for a bandmate and a best friend.
Preferably male, although female's will be considered too.

We're a pop-punk band; to get an idea, definitely listen to The Academy Is... or All Time Low.

The Academy Is... is more than likely our biggest influence in sound and direction.

For specific songs, listen to "Paper Chase" by The Academy Is...

"Sleeping With Giants (Lifetime)" by The Academy Is...

"Six Feet Under The Stars" by All Time Low

If you are interested,

contact us on AIM @

your soo cheezi

or by phone @


Here is a link to our current myspace, although the information/roster is outdated and we'll most likely undergo a band name change as well.


Edit:And here's a video of us jamming, so you can see us play together and see that we're at least competent at our instruments, lol. Not the style that we'd play in the band but good stuff either way.

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