I'm looking for a cheap head with good cleans, tube or ss, doesn't matter to me. I already have a Randall RH50T head running through an Ibanez cab (though I thought the Randall's had good cleans? Maybe it's my tubes?) I dunno, but I'm going to buy a headbone pedal, so I can switch between the heads using the same cab, though this means I'd have to find a head that runs a 16 ohms, seeing as my Randall uses the 4 ohm jack.
Sorry for the somewhat wall-o-text, but, yeah. Any ideas? Cheap, being like, max of $400.
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That made me laugh for a second then I was all "heyyyy ", haha.

But I'm not sure, I've never played anything more than 15 watts on ss amps and nothing less than 50 watts on tubes, sooo yeah. I need it to be loud enough to gig with, and generally, I hear 30 watts tube is good, but, yeah, like I said, I'm not exactly positive on this. At least knowing it needs to be loud enough for gigs should give a starting point...?
This is our last chance.
get a crate v33. they're only like $180 and don't sound half bad.

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(but seriously....how loud do you need to be? i heard the epi VJ is good stock, but even better with mods)

epi VJ breaks up reeeally early, and it's not very loud. the combination of the two lead to a terrible clean gigging amp.

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I've heard good things about both amps, especially the Classic 30, which I'm kind of leaning towards, but I'll have to go into GC this weekend and test them out, which I totally forgot I could do. >.<

Thanks for the help guys haha.
This is our last chance.
if it's between the V33 and the C30, definitely go with the C30.

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Maybe a Crate V-50. I'ts not a head but it's hella cheap and high enough wattage that it should have decent cleans.
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Any of these will do you well. Check 'em out at GC.

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Pickups for sale!
i got a crate GLX 1200H i paid like 250$can....it has 16 effect delay reverb chorus etc... it's pretty good for a cheap head but i think it's discontinued
Crate V series, Peavey Classic 30 or a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

I'd go for a combo myself, pedals that switch between the same cab are pretty expensive, with a combo you can have it running with its own speaker and just buy a A/B box.

Either that or just do the more sensible thing and sell the Randall and use the cash you make from that plus the cash you have for the clean amp to buy an amp you're happier with the stock cleans and distortion.
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B-52 at 100?

Its kinda loud, but the sound is intense.
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