This tuning is used in Suffering Bastard by Burn The Priest.


I wanted to say Drop C#.
Drop Db.

Seeing as it's a lower frequency than standard tuning you generally use flats rather than sharps.

Kamelot use it extensively, not sure about any others.
It's technically both Drop Db and Drop C#, as there's no difference between Db and C#...
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Db is also C#...and then the rest are just standard tuned a half step down...

So it's basically Drop D, one semitone dropped.

Oh, and to Guitar_Skater, I think All That Remains uses it on the whole Overcome album. That, or C# standard...which have the same low string tuning. And it would make more sense I think, since they played The Fall of Ideals in D standard, so this would just be a semitone flattened.
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matx33, that is definately a possibility, it just really hasnt been confirmed yet cause some songs are still playable in D