both companies suck, Dean less so.

but the neck feels awful on the Dean.

and neither is gonna punch past the mix.
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I'd go with the Rogue if I absolutely HAD to go for an acoustic bass. Personally, I think Acoustic basses are the biggest ripoffs ever in the bass world, and the Roland Bass Microcube serves the purpose better.
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For Cheap ABGs, you should really go with Ibanez or Greg Bennett....

Of those two, I'd go with the Dean. A bigger body is always good. I wouldn't expect either to be especially great though.

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if you get a chance look at a tanglewood, they are awesome
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Try to see if you can score an Olympia OB3CE Acoustic-Electric Bass. On a budget, its going to be your best choice. They do come up on Ebay etc on occasion.

The Dean is horrible. Huge body, ungainly and meh tone. And Rogues are just...feh.
the answer is mine.

Engelhardt ES9....upright bass or bust.
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