in south georgia around tifton. we play a variety of different types of metal ranging from thrash , death metal , sludge , melo death , black metal. we are just starting out and weve come up with a few ideas so far. in the coming weeks we will be writing and possibly recording. once we get going we can play shows in and around tifton and as far south as orlando. our influences range from slayer , pantera , cannibal corpse , deicide , goatwh.or.e , superjoint ritual , down , danzig etc
age isnt really an issue as long as you can bang the f.uc.k out of some skins.we are 24 to 25 yrs old. the only equipment you would really need to bring would be a double bass pedal and maybe a few cymbals. contact me through here or at www.myspace.com/deadmansrevenge . as for a vocalist we need to talk about it more but contact me and we will go from there.
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