So I just started a band with my buddy and we really need to find a drummer. We can't think of anyone who plays drums who is good for our band. What is the best way of finding a drummer?
find someone that has at least shares ur taste in music, convince them to take up drums,

they wont be good, but a sucky drummer is better than no drummer
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make a flyer asking for a drummer and put it up at your local music shop

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Hi 5 man! this is what Im talkin bout!

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Craigslist is an option just make sure you meet the person in a public place whoever answers it, haha. But yeah the music shop is always best option because more than likely serious drummers in your area will be in the music shops from time to time if they dont buy all of their stuff online. Myspace always seems to be a great tool as well as you can post a message on your profile about it and you never know who might see it and be a drummer or know a drummer looking for a band. The music shop option though like someone said above is usually your best bet.
do what i did. ask EVERYONE you know if they know of someone and then tell them to ask whoever they know of. word of mouth spreads faster than you think.
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