which songs would you reccommend for a beginner who only knows the basic open chords like G, D, C, Em, Am, A, Dm, F, and E? i just want to start playing something and i alrdy mastered the songs in my guitar class. im ahead of the rest and my instructor said i cud play any song i wanted. any suggestions?
Look up some Bob Dylan or chords for Beatles songs. Not sure what kind of music your into, though. Maybe look up some Cat Stevens. Linkin Park songs can easily be put into plain chords. There are some chord tabs for them on UG. Thrice songs tend to have some easy open chords. Best of luck, mate.
Any song you wanted, that only use those chords, right? Lol.

Used to Love Her- Guns N' Roses
Patience- Guns N' Roses
Big Me- Foo Fighters
You Shook Me All Night Long- AC/DC

Metropolis- Dream Theater...just kidding. Hope this helps!
k thx guys ill look into those songs. i prefer led zeppelin and linkin park so ima look at those. thx anyways