I decided to make my right handed guitar left handed.

Well I took off the strings and decided to go ahead and paint it.

Well I didnt like the paint so I sanded it off and I actually like the wood grain.

It's very nice.

So I decided to go ahead and make it frettless while I was at it.
(I never play it anyways; just a project.)

Well everything turned out nicely but for some reason the strings lost their tone.

I can't explain it exactly but thats pretty much the gist of it.\

Any suggestions or help?
did you lower your nut?

chances are you're probably playing on much too high of an action, and your fretting technique won't allow the string to break as easily.

You may have a buildup of excess crap (paint, clear, etc) in the neck poscket that's stifling vibrations.

that, or if you removed the neck (i hope) the neck screws may not be as tight as they were before, thus losing vibrations.

or maybe your tone knob's at 0?

^ I actually meant to say the same thing in my earlier post as well... >.o

Alright I took some pics. I really like how the color turned out.

Just not so much on the sound. If the theory on fretless being soft is
true, then I guess I'm just f***ed when it comes to sound, haha.

But hopefully something will help me.

Also I haven't filled in my fret holes yet.
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grab some wacky effects and I'm sure you could pull of some pretty trippy sounds, especially with the entire range of frequencies, that'd just be wacked out.