Hi everyone.

I'm going to be getting an electric guitar in 10-14 days, and was wondering what you guys think of nextlevelguitar.com for lessons, it seems like a cheaper alternative to guitar lessons, and testimonials says that its great, but I would like to know your opionions on it.

I really have never tryed a website that you have to pay for guitar lessons. I have learned allmost everything i know from FREE you tube videos Yes i know i am a cheap skate but oh well These are just my thoughts, but before you go and use a ay site check some you tube vids (if you haven't already) and see what you think.
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yeah i don't know much about guitar paysites...and anyways youtube and UG is enough for any beginner
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Trust me, you will benefit much more with 1 on 1 lessons with a teacher than you ever will with an online site. Or, if you don't have much money, use youtube as already said, or buy a book.
Well as others have said youtube is a good resource, but it's a bit disorganized. That said, it's a great supplement for guitar playing, but nothing beats human interaction in the end. Even playing with a friend is better than having no teacher
Yeah I would recommend getting an instructor.. a website won't do you much good, even if you pay. If you can't afford it, just check out some vids.
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I learned everything from Youtube videos and my Guitar for Dummies book. I agree with everyone else, if you're going to pay money for lessons make it real lessons.