well, it'd sound interesting. but probably not terribly useful.
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I've actually dabbled with my guitarists banshee. It killed most of my low end, but if your doing an extremely upper fret thing, you can cop a guitar sound. I'm doing a battle of the bands soon and i'm going to try it live because i have an upper register solo thing. I presume that our band will either win because of the talk box, or we'll fail horribly.
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I say talkbox = fail, regardless if its bass or guitar. Worst effect ever in my opinion. But to each there own.
Funny thing is, I was wondering the same thing about a week ago while playing Livin on a Prayer on Rock Band...
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I'm sure you could make one made for lower frequencies. I'm sure it would sound really cool.
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brot pls
You could be like a bass version of peter frampton!
But you'll probably have to play above the twelfth fret.
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I think they do make bass don't they? Guitarist in my band told me never to play me bass through his banshee because it would blow out the speaker, the one that sends the sound into your throat.
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by personal experience, a talk box, basically is a speaker running sound waves into your mouth and you use your mouth as a resonating chamber. If you were to run an active bass throught a regular talkbox, im sure youll blow the speaker in the talkbox. If i was to do it, i would turn the bass down a lot or replace the speaker.
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You could be like a bass version of peter frampton!

Why in the name of all that is holy, would you want to do this?

Ok, I"m being unkind but if all the talkboxes of the world were to be destroyed by God Almighty tomorrow I would not shed a tear. Spending my teen years listening to Frampton and Neil Young (Trans) using one of those to death has put me off vocoders for life. Its a bright shiny object that can easily be overused due to its "coolness" factor.
I can't see a practical use for it in a song unless you were trying to be a robot.
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