So chrismas is quickly approaching and I'm seriously considering the blackheart little giant as my second amp. Especially because it is on sale for......... $200 ON ZZOUNDS.COM!!!! Well, anyways, I was wondering whether I should get the blackheart or keep on saving and wait until i can get a blues junior. I play mostly classic rock and some metal (i play tons of G-n-R)
Also, if anyone can find a better small tube amp on craiglist please tell me. I live in Los Angeles.
Get the Blackheart. It has more of the sound your looking for, anyways
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the blackheart is voiced more towards your styles IMO. the BJ is a very nice little amp, but i found it was more blusey and didnt have a whole lot of gain on tap. its also an american voiced amp, and GnR and a lot of other classic rock bands used more brittish style amps. the BH LG is voiced very nice for GnR IMO and can get a nice ammount of gain when you crank it. not really metal territory, but it does hard rock nicely. really, its more down to which voicing you prefer and if you need the clean headroom of the BJ. both sound pretty damn different, so try them out.
BH LG. i use mine for GNR all the time. GREAT GNR tone mind you.
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You'll probably be happier with the BH. You can always save for the Fender later if your tastes change or you want more versatilty.
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Balckheart is definately more suited to your tone.
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Quote by tona_107
May I ask what your "first" amp is.

My first amp is a Roland Micro Cube. Though it has many effects and is fun to mess with the tone is well.... lacking quite a bit.