well, it didnt quite go kablooie, buts its not working properly.
basically, its just stopped working. im fairly sure its got something to do with the lead or the socket on the bass. It was playing up a bit (basically it would occasionaly not produce any sound at all) yesterday and this previous week so i tightened the nut around the socket and found that it made the hole smaller, so that i couldn't fit my lead into it. ok no problem there. i loosened it, and everything went well. it worked yesterday. (although for a bit it only worked to the extent that the tone control on the bass had no effect on the sound). today, i got nothing. i havent changed anything since yesterday, except put my bass back in its bag. i havent bothered to tighten the nut today, because i get the feeling that the problem is a bit more complex than that. why? well, my bass (and amp) began to broadcast radio (?!) . it wasnt consistent, and the signal wasn't strong and was filled with static, but i heard the radio. after fiddling around a bit, i noticed that sometimes if i lightly pushed on the lead in the socket it would make loud noises or make bass sounds (if i strummed a string that is).

ok, i hope that makes sense.

my setup is just everything straight out of the fender begginer box, so it could be just that i have a cheap quality thing that was gonna blow up on me anyway, but ive heard good things about fender quality, so i don't think its this. also, i think i have 2 year warranty on it, and seeing as i have had it for maybe half a year, this shouldnt be a problem (if it turns out to be that bad).

but please, diagnose my bass and tell me what to do, even if that is simply to bring it to someone who knows how to fix it.
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yeah. check your wiring. and try different cables ( it could not be the bass at all)

but take it down to your local shop and tell em whats up.
and pick up a new lead while your there.

thats probably the problem.

have you tested the amp with any different instruments to see if that's the problem?
I play bass!
It may be the bass. I actually picked up a local radio station with mine a couple times. It was weird, my band would be playing a song and then suddenly Bon Jovi would come over my amp and ruin what we had going.

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