Hi, I've used a sorta cheap pedalboard for about a year now, it was about $50 bucks new, and has been good to me, but its just too limited, and to small, where my pedals don't even fit on it anymore. I'm gonna make one, and have some plans written out for it, its gonna be really nice, and exceptional quality. I'll post pics when I'm done, but I just want everyones ideas, pictures, anything to do with homemade pedalboards, what you think of them, what you think of pricing for standard pedalboards. Or i guess if you wanna talk about pubic lice you could, but that's probably better in the pit.

Take care.

(oh and check out the music if you want, theres some demo's up now myspace.com/tracesmusichome)
There's a tutorial on how to build one in the Gear Building and Customizing forum.
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